OneMECK Position on Rezoning petition for CMS Project on Ardrey Kell Road

To Mayor Lyles and Members of the Charlotte City Council – we are writing on behalf of OneMECK ( in support of the CMS/Woodfield Development rezoning petition scheduled for a vote during the 2/21/2022 City Council meeting.

We support this project because it adds urgently needed public school capacity in the Ballantyne area.  Funds from the associated apartment development will help CMS, and will bring additional housing capacity into the growing community of Ballantyne.  The 15% allocation for “affordable housing” is targeted toward those earning <80% of the AMI.  While OneMECK would argue for an increased number of affordable units and a lower AMI target, the 15% will help with economic diversity of the project and is being provided without tapping scarce public resources.  Affordable housing at this rent level could potentially help people who work at the school, and people of color, live right next to the new schools.

We at OneMECK support the project as currently defined.  We would be strongly against any reduction in the number of affordable units or increase of the AMI target.

 Timing is crucial. If CMS delays, the high school gets pushed back another year. They cannot open new schools at random times of the year. If they miss the window to get construction done by August, an entire school year will be lost.

During the last CMS student assignment process, the plan called on all 3 bodies of government (CMS, City, and County) to collaborate to address school segregation. With CMS and the County engagement on land and park and recreation already, the City has the opportunity to approve this plan and demonstrate the type of collaboration this community needs more of.


Justin Perry, Founder, OneMECK

Mike O’Sullivan, Chair, OneMECK Affordable Housing Committee