Op-Ed: Charlotte doesn’t have time for ‘That’s not my job’ from elected officials

By Justin Perry

“Student assignment is a critical part of, but not the total solution to our challenges with social mobility. Looking at housing, transportation, and school location are also priorities that I see as vital and ones I hope our community and civic leaders commit to addressing collaboratively.

OneMECK focuses on two priorities, ending practices and polices that promote highly concentrated poverty in schools and housing, acknowledging how naturally intertwined they are.” Read the full OpEd in Charlotte Agenda >>

OneMECK Coalition is an alliance of Mecklenburg County organizations and individuals that says:

YES to fair, equal and excellent educational opportunity for all CMS students; and

NO to policies and practices that maintain high-poverty schools and neighborhoods.

Read our full platform >>

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James E. Ford speaks about the importance of pupil assignment:
Dr. James C. Howell and Dr. Amy Hawn Nelson discuss the re-segregation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and the impacts on our community. Published on Dec 3, 2015


Did you attend a diverse CMS school? Teachers, parents, students tell your story of how #DiversityWorks for you.Check out the stories we’ve collected so far. Add your own story. Email your video to info@OneMECK.org (or send a YouTube link). Post your story on social media with #DiversityWorks, and #CMSbd.

OneMECK’s Steering Committee Co-Chair featured in Seven to Watch: Once a child of CMS integration, Justin Perry now hopes to save it, January 2, 2016, Charlotte Observer