OneMECK position on affordable housing deals scheduled for 7/22/2019 vote at City Council

On Monday, 7/22/2019, Charlotte City Council is scheduled to vote on 8 affordable housing deals that are requesting $13MM in support from the Housing Trust Fund (HTF). Overall, OneMECK strongly supports these deals:

  • The 950 total units will include a total of 594 units targeted at 60% and below, with 21% allocated to 30% AMI and below, the area of greatest need.
  • The deals utilize the Charlotte Housing Opportunity Investment Fund and City land, increasing the leverage of scarce HTF dollars to support the development of additional affordable housing units.
  • 2 of the deals utilize Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing, a cost-effective way of creating more units.

Although the deals have OneMECK’s overall support, we also have some significant concerns:

  • The 80 unit Laurel Street deal on Tyvola utilizes $980K in City-owned land, and yet delivers only 8 units targeted at 60% and below AMI. This is not an acceptable ratio for the City’s investment, and the deal should be rejected.
  • None of the deals are in districts 6 and 7. We need inclusion of affordable housing in each district of Charlotte to contribute to vibrant, economically diverse neighborhoods. The City must overcome perceived barriers such as expense of land and community misperceptions, to achieve this critical goal.
  • Assuming these deals are approved, the City will have spent 2/3 of the $50MM HTF allocation approved last year. But the City has not yet put in place the process for meaningful community input from both advocates and those impacted by lack of housing, as promised prior to the $50MM HTF approval.

OneMECK urges the City to institute a stronger, more accountable mechanism for timely community involvement – both by affordable housing advocates and by those most affected by the lack of affordable housing – consistent with agreements made with the community during the creation of the Housing Charlotte Framework.

If these concerns resonate with you, please take immediate action. Contact your City Council representatives to voice your opinion, or speak at/attend the 7/22/2019 City Council meeting.

Op-Ed: Charlotte doesn’t have time for ‘That’s not my job’ from elected officials

By Justin Perry

“Student assignment is a critical part of, but not the total solution to our challenges with social mobility. Looking at housing, transportation, and school location are also priorities that I see as vital and ones I hope our community and civic leaders commit to addressing collaboratively.

OneMECK focuses on two priorities, ending practices and polices that promote highly concentrated poverty in schools and housing, acknowledging how naturally intertwined they are.” Read the full OpEd in Charlotte Agenda >>

OneMECK Coalition is an alliance of Mecklenburg County organizations and individuals that says:

YES to fair, equal and excellent educational opportunity for all CMS students; and

NO to policies and practices that maintain high-poverty schools and neighborhoods.

Read our full platform >>

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