Support for Inlivian’s Proposal for 8th & Tryon to County Commission

Note to County Commission from Mike O’Sullivan

I am writing on behalf of the OneMECK Affordable Housing Committee in support of Inlivian’s 8th & Tryon development plan presented to the BOCC on 5/27.

To improve equity as a catalyst for broader upward mobility in our community, OneMECK believes that affordable housing should be available in all areas of Mecklenburg County.  This must include expensive areas such as uptown, an area that has had significant disinvestment for individuals and families who historically lived and thrived in this region of our county.

That is why OneMECK supports Inlivian’s proposal for a mixed income development which will leverage the value of land they already own to provide 110 affordable units in uptown.  It provides a significant percentage of affordable units in the development, and these units will remain affordable for the foreseeable future.  The development also brings new life to uptown by reviving land which has remained unused for years.

This project presents a rare opportunity to expand access to desperately needed affordable and mixed income housing in the right place at the right time.

OneMECK urges the Board of County Commissioners to take the following actions:

  • Provide the $6MM in gap funding requested by Inlivian
  • Set aside additional funding to enhance the current proposal by adding additional affordable units, especially for those earning less than 50% AMI due to the gap in housing affordable at this level
  • Work with Inlivian and City Council to expedite the project, with a goal to break ground in summer 2021

We commend the BOCC for your efforts to increase equity and access to affordable housing in all areas of our community. We stand ready to assist in any way possible.

Mike O’Sullivan, Chair, OneMECK Affordable Housing Committee